Unit Nine A Thank You Letter
Dear Mrs Michaels.
Thank you for seeing me off at Heathrow Airport last night. We had a pleasant flight, but I was tired out when we landed at Rome at five this morning.
My father met me at the airport, and we spent some time looking round Rome before returning to Tivoli.

I picked up a lot of English during my stay with you, and my father knows of somebody who can give me more conversation practice. I have to get down to work soon for thy summer examinations, but I am quite confident about my English now.

Thank you again for your hospitality.
Yours, Edoardo.

SEE OFF ABC You see someone or at the mut of a journey

LOOK ROUND ADE You look round a shop before you buy
anything. You can also look round a city

PICK UP ABC Edoardo picked up a lot of English by listening to

KNOW OF AD Edoardo's father knew of a good teacher although he had never met him.

Exercises using verbs from the passage
A Complete these sentences:
1 We asked if we could the antique shop.

2 The flight from Rio to London him

3 Juan is coming to London? Where did you that bit of news?

4 Do you anywhere I can get my watch repaired quickly?

5 As we had to stop in the village for petrol, we decided to it.

6 The troops of the Royal Household were on parade to the ambassador

7 How is it that you know Portuguese? I it during my holidays.

8 This problem will not disappear until the Government working out at solution.


B Answer these questions:

1 Do you know of any good restaurants in Scotland?

2 How much English would you pick up during a month's holiday in Wales?

3 Where would you see someone off?


4 Name two sports that would tire you out.

5 How would you pick up some idea of the lactics of a particular football team?

6 When do you get down to work in the morning?

7 Can you look round a house?


8 What would you do at the end of a party at your home?

C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:

1 see off, pick up.

2 tire out, look round.


3 look round, get down to.

4 know of, get down to.

A Vb + prep, + NP. B Vb+ NP+ prep C Vb+pron + prep. D Vb+ prep. pron. E. Intrans