Unit Seven The Government's Energy Policy
'And therefore I say to the Government, wake up to what is happening. It is time we faced up to the fact that the country's
energy reserves will not last for ever. If we go on believing that we are self-sufficient, in ten years' time we shall be in the middle of a very deep recession. The Government must work out a firm policy on energy, suitable for the next twenty years. It must be a policy that will enable us to keep up our leading position in the world, and cope with the problem of a modern industrial society.'
Notes WAKE UP TO AD You wake up to something you hadn't realised before. You wake up and realise it.
FACE UP TO AD You face up to a difficult situation, if you accept that something must be done about it. GO ON E If you are told to stop, but you don't, you go on. WORK OUT ABC You work out a solution to a problem. KEEP UP ABC You keep up your strength or your morale if you
prevent it from sinking. COPE WITH AD You cope with a difficult situation or a crisis.

Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:

1 It took him an hour to how to mend the clock.

2 It's about time you. the fact that you've got a family.

3 When he left school, he decided that his languages would be useful and that he should them

4 Your wife is seeing another man; why don't you to what she is doing?

5 This problem needs a slide rule; if I had one
I could it

6 As the dogs grew bigger, he found it increasingly difficult to them

7 Why do we always making the same mistakes?

8 Unless we get a grant, it will be difficult to the Abbey and its gardens.


B Answer these questions:

1 When there is no more petrol, will people be able to go on driving?

2 Can many people afford to keep up two houses?

3 Name one situation that you could not cope with.

4 Is it easy to work out the meaning of a word you do not know?

5 How does a company face up to a drop in sales?

6/ How should you cope with an electrical fire in a building?

7 Do people always wake up to difficult situations before they become worse?

8 How many of the subjects you studied at school have you kept up?

C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:

1 work out, cope with.

2 wake up to, face up to.

3 go on, keep up.

4 cope with, go on.


A Vb + prep. + NP. B Vb + NP + prep. C Vb + pron. + prep. D Vb + prep. + pron. E Intrans.