Unit Six Going Out


JANICE: It's a good job I was in when Alex phoned.


JANICE: He's invited me out to dinner. He's picking me up in fifteen minutes. What shall I wear? Do you think I've got time to do my hair? Look, it's ten past already.

PAMELA: Well, slow down or you won't be able to do anything.

JANICE: Can you lend me a cigarette? I've run out. I must go and make up my eyes.

PAMELA: Don't panic so much. You'll tire yourself out before he gets here.



BE IN E Janice was in; she was at home.


PICK UP ABC Alex would go to Janice's home to pick her up and take her with him.

SLOW DOWN ABCE The opposite of speed up.

TIRE OUT ABC You tire a person out. You can say 'I'm tired out,' at the end of a busy day.


Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:

1 The car...
... as it entered the town.

2 She arranged by telephone to..
. the tickets at the theatre.

3 We'll have to get some more petrol. We've

4 'Is George there?' 'Hold on. I'll go and see if he

5 All this running up and down stairs is beginning to.
.. me..

6 I'll get the car and..
. you.. . at the station.

7 I've....
..... inspiration. Can you think of anything we can do?

8 The actress..
. herself.. . to look twenty years younger.


B Answer these questions:

1 When is the best time to telephone someone?

2 Name three things that tire you out.

3 Have you ever run out of time in an examination?

4 When does a car slow down?

5 How would you feel after running a marathon?

6 Name three professions in which people make themselves up.

7 What would you pick up at a railway depot?

8 Do you slow down at weekends?



C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences your own:
1 tire out, run out of.

2 make up, pick up.

3 slow down, run out of..

4 pick up, be in.



A Vb + prep. + NP. B Vb + NP + prep. C Vb + pron. + prep. D Vb + prep. + pron. E Intrans.