Unit Five Running

He was running as hard as he could, but he realised that he was not strong enough to be a good marathon runner. In the distance he could just make out the shapes of the leading runners, getting further ahead every minute. "You'll have to speed up if you're going to catch them, he thought to himself. Just go on, just keep going." With every pace he could feel himself running out of stamina; he could hardly see the leaders now, and he could no longer think of winning. But he would not give up without a fight.



MAKE OUT ABC On a cloudy day it is difficult to make things out in the distance.

GO ON E We decided to go on in spite of the rain.


RUN OUT OF AD You run out of strength, stamina, or ideas,
when you have no more left. You have run out E

THINK OF AD The runner carinot think of winning.


GIVE UP E The runner will not give up, he will go on to the end.


Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:

1 The new road will .
.the flow of traffic.

2 What shall we do? I was.
going to the cinema.

3 Can you give me a light? I've

4 In the distance he could just.
the spire of a church.

5 Instead of.
. you should check your calculations.

6 Have you considered buying a new car?
No, I hadn't.
.. that.

7 I
What is the answer?

8 Turn left at the traffic lights, take the second right, and then
till you reach the church.



B Answer these questions

1 How can you speed a car up?

2 Have you ever thought of taking flying lessons?

3 What would you do if you were faced with an insoluble problem?

4 When would you buy more ink for your pen?

5 What must a driver not do after an accident?

6 What can you make out in the distance?

7 Who first thought of going to the moon?


8 What would a cyclist do after mending a puncture?



C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:
1 go on, make out..


2 give up, run out of


3 speed up, run out of

4 think of, go on.




A Vb + prep. + NP. BVb+ NP+ prep. C Vb + peon. + prep. DVb+ prop. + pron. Intrans