Unit Four A Problem at the Airport


When they arrived at the airport, they went straight to the desk, checked in and collected their boarding cards. Then, as they were buying a cup of coffee, the public address system called out Nigel's name.


'I wonder what they want,' he said. 'Can you look after the bags, Jill? I hope they get it sorted out before the plane takes off.'
He heard his name being called again.
'Hold on,' he said. 'I'm coming.'



CHECK IN ABCE At the airport you go to the check-in desk to say you have arrived. You check in.

CALL OUT ABC A public address system calls out messages or announcements. Por alfaboces

LOOK AFTER AD A babysitter looks after children.

SORT OUT ABC You sort out a problem which has to be solved.

HOLD ON E This is usually used in conversation, when you want boo someone to wait e.g. "Tell him to hold on, I'm on my way.


Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:


1 We'll have to . this problem before it gets worse.

2 The receptionist asked if he would as the manager was busy.

3 Ramon will the dogs while we are on holiday.

4 It is a difficult situation, and that is why you must it quickly.

5 The rocket from the NASA base in Houston.

6 Before he died, her father made her promise to her young brother.

7 He nearly missed the plane because he forgot to

8 When the nurse his name, he went into the surgery.


B Answer these questions:

1 What does a marriage counsellor do?

2 What can you see from the control tower in an airport?

3 What is a public address system for?

4 What must you do before taking a plane?

5 Who tries to sort out a country's economic problems?

6 What does a babysitter do?

7 When would somebody ask you to hold on?

8 Who looks after the animals in a zoo?


C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:
1 check in, take off.

2 hold on, sort out.

3 check in, call out.

4 call out, take off.

A Vb + prep. + NP. B Vb + NP+ prep. C Vb + pron. + prep. D Vb + prep. + pron. E Intrans.