Unit Eleven Firemilk

GEORGE: Hello, Stan. I've got a terrible cold. Do you have
anything to help me get rid of it?


BARMAN: Well, you could try firemilk.

GEORGE: What is it? Medicine?

BARMAN: No. You put some milk in a pan and stir in cinnamon and brown sugar. You've got to keep on stirring so that it doesn't boil, but wait for it to get really hot before putting the brandy in.

GEORGE: That sounds good. Did you make it up yourself?


BARMAN: No. I came across it in an old recipe book. It may not cure your cold, but at least it'll make you feel good.

GEORGE: Yes, I suppose I'll just have to put up with it till it goes away.


GET RID OF AD You get rid of a car when you no longer want it.

WAIT FOR AD You wait for a bus or a person, or wait for something to happen.
MAKE UP ABC You make up a story or a recipe which did not exist before.
PUT UP WITH AD If you can't get rid of a cold you have to put up with it.


Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:

1 He's not here yet; you'll have to
him to arrive.
2 He decided to
his motorbike and buy a car.

3 It is not a true story. I it

4 I a fantastic restaurant near the market.

5 They have been the train for half an hour.

6 The best way to perfect your technique is simply to practising.

7 There were too many workers in the factory so we had to some of them.
8 He went to the doctor when he could no longer
the pain.


B Answer these questions:

1 How can you get rid of a cold?


2 What do people do at a bus-stop?

3 Name two things you have to put up with.

4 What is a lie?

5 Where would you come across a milestone?

6 What can you do about bad weather?


7 Does it keep on raining in Britain?

8 Are the stories about King Arthur true or were they made up?

C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:

1 make up, wait for.

2 keep on, come across.

3 keep on, get rid of.

4 come across, put up with.



A Vb + prep. + NP. B Vb + NP + prep. C Vb + pron. + prep. D Vb + prep. + pron. E Intrans.