Unit Ten Espionage

'How much Russian do you know, Masters?' asked the man called Smith.
'I picked up a bit during the War, sir,' replied Masters cautiously.

'Well, I hope you've kept it up. You're going to need it. Your trip to Athens is off; you're going to Russia instead. Here are your tickets, hotel reservation, false passport, a hundred gold sovereigns, and a detailed map of the embassy. Contact Agent 31 on Thursday at the Cafe Alexei, carry out the job on Friday, and get home immediately.

If you have any problems, our boys will look after you. Any questions?'

'Hold on, sir,' said Masters, 'It all sounds very exciting, but I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.'


Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:

1 We'll have to get a babysitter to
the children.

2 The meeting
.- Half the delegates have got flu.


3 It looks as though the repairs won't be until spring.

4 During his visit to the factory he some useful information.


5 If the wedding what are they going to do with their wedding presents?

6 Would you mind
while I go and get your application form?

7 Your exam results were excellent
the good work.

8 The doctor is engaged at the moment.
Could you

B Answer these questions:

1 What is the biggest robbery that has ever been carried out?

2 How can you keep up your knowledge of a language?


3 When would you ask someone to hold on during a telephone conversation?

4 What does a nurse do?


5 In what circumstances would you cancel the invitations to a party?


6 Do you keep up friendships you make on holiday?


7 What knowledge would you pick up by going to auctions?


8 How often should you carry out safety checks on a car?



C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:

1 carry out, look after.


2 hold on, be off.


3 keep up, carry out.

4 pick up, hold on.


A Vb + prep. + NP. B Vb+ NP + prep. C Vb+ pron. + prep. D Vb + prep. + pron. E Intrans.