Unit One On the Plane
In the aeroplane James's mother gave the boarding cards to the stewardess, who showed them to their seats. They sat down, and his mother showed him how to do up his seat belt. 'Sit still, and don't get up until I say you can,' she said, lighting a cigarette. 'No smoking until we are in the air, please,' said a stewardess. 'I'm sorry,' answered James's mother. I'll put it out.' apagar 'Are we going to take off now, Mum?' asked James, eager to be in the sky. My favourite bit is when the plane speeds up and pushes you back into your seat.'



SHOW TO BC A stewardess shows you to your seat.

DO UP ABC You do your belt or your clothes up.

GET UP E You get up at the end of a lesson, a film or a meal.

PUT OUT ABC You put out a cigarette, a light or a fire.

TAKE OFF E A plane or rocket takes off.

SPEED UP ABCE A plane, a car or a person speeds up when it starts to move faster. You can also speed up a motor.


Exercises using verbs from the passage

A Complete these sentences:

1 Your shoelace is undone
it before you have an accident.

2 The aeroplane on time in spite of the fog.

3 Please don't
Remain in your seat.

4 The waiter took his coat and
him a table.

that cigarette. This is a non-smoking compartment.

6 I could feel the car
as I pressed the accelerator.

7 Some of the lights are still on. Could you
them when you leave?


8 He forgot to his shirt before entering the church.

B Answer these questions:

1 What do you do with a cigarette when it is finished?

2 What do you do with shoelaces?

3 What do you do to the lights before going to bed?

4 What takes off?


5 When do you get up?

6 Can you do up a tie?

7 When does a car speed up?


8 What does an usherette in a cinema do?


C Use the following pairs of verbs in sentences of your own:

1 speed up, take off.


2 put out, get up.


3 get up, show to.


4 do up, put out.